A new way to translate

What is Dialekt?

We've been there. The endless spreadsheets with phrases, the syncing of a few different emails or that Slack channel you never want to see the notifications for.

We built Dialekt to make translations visual and limit the amount of times we swear over liquid errors. In short, we try to solve the following:

  • Contextual translations, see your content while translating it.
  • No more Liquid to create, Dialekt does it for you.
  • Always up to date (with our automatic connected content export).

We value your time, so we kept it short here. Feel free to take our platform for a spin, or if you have any question, please do reach out on [email protected].

What is it not?

As you might have seen by now, there's no ticketing system, no review stage and no forced way of working. We believe deciding what not to do is just as important as what to include, and Dialekt should be part of your workflow, not dictate it.

That being said, we are of course very keen to make sure Dialekt actually helps you in your work, please reach out to us if you believe it wouldn't, we're here to help.


Dialekt made our localization process at least ten times faster. Several of my employees used to spend hours per week entering text into a spreadsheet, now translations takes them a few minutes at most.

Carro Hjelm

CMO, Voi

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